History is
About loop
and continuums

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History is
About loop
and continuums

An Art Cycle
Digital Blocks

LollyLoop; A special NFT collection that represents the beginning of a new era in Aykut Aydoğdu’s artistic journey.

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Who is


Aykut Aydoğdu was born in Ankara in 1986. He started to study Fine Arts in high school and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts - Graphic Design. He has various works on commercial illustrations, magazine covers, movie posters. His surreal figurative works mainly focus on the dilemmas of daily life.


The adventure of art and artists has passed and came until today through various processes and evolutions throughout the history of civilization, forming visual memory records and iconographic codes. Throughout the ages, the ability to understand the era and mastery of the medium and tools of the era has been the most important reasons for an artist's existence.


The Head of the Painting Department
at Anadolu University's Faculty of Fine Arts.
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    What is NFT?

    Non-Fungible Token (NFT in short) is a data unit which is stored in a digital notebook called a blockchain which confirms that digital asset is unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be associated with renascible digital files such as photos, videos and audio.

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    How to buy NFT?

    The NFT purchasing process is briefly defined as 'Minting'. In the Mint phase, your wallet is associated with an NFT in exchange for the crypto asset in your digital wallet and recorded in a block on the blockchain via a smart contract. At the end of the process, the NFT you purchased takes its place in your digital wallet as a digital asset.

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    What is a digital wallet?

    Digital wallets are tools which you can store and manage your assets on the blockchain. To purchase an NFT, it is necessary to have a digital wallet working compatible with relevant network.